Unpredictable, brooding ex-guild member.


Name: Davlamin
Race: Shifter
Class: Assassin
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Religion: Selûne “The Moonmaiden”
Status: Alive



Davlamin is 5ft 7 and has a well-tamed look. His hair is fairly short and tends to just have stubble, never letting his facial hair grow to a full beard.
He has dark brown eyes near enough being black.


Davlamin only fights for himself but on rare occasions if he is with a group he just likes then he possibly might defend them, depends on how he’s feeling. He also doesn’t care much for what others say or think. He is extremely unpredictable. He usually works alone as he just looks out for himself but if there are benefits with working with someone else he’ll take them. He’s very confident in his abilities and can be pretty blunt to others on what he thinks of them.


Abandoned as a child, Davlamin was left to grow up in the Werewoods near Baldurs Gate. Eventually a Shifter by the name of Erin took Davlamin in as his own and taught him the abilities of shifters. Once Davlamin was 21, he finally decided to leave the Werewoods and go into Baldurs Gate itself. He struggled to find himself a job so he soon found himself on the streets. One night a group of rogues were performing a heist but one of their members was injured. Davlamin rushed into to help get the rogue to safety. The rogue in return offered to take him in to join the thieves guild where he could learn how to become a rogue himself. After years of training in the thieves guild he is accepted as one of them but a faction of the rogues aren’t happy with him because he is a shifter. One night during a heist this faction try to take Davlamin out. When trying to defend himself he ends up losing control of himself and in his primal states ends up killing many of the rogues. After realising his actions Davlamin takes whatever he can from the heist and leaves the city but the events of that night completely changed him making him mentally unstable. For this reason he is always found alone.


A skilled drinker and connoisseur of alcoholic beverages. Davlamin is also skilled with animals and has an impressive knowledge of nature. Davlamin is ambidextrous.


A pair of daggers and a hip flask.


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