Killin Rasqull

Born again rogue worshipper of Bahamut.


Name: Killin Rasqull
Race: Dragonborn
Class: Rogue
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Religion: Bahamut
Status: Alive



Killin is a 6 ½ feet tall gold coloured dragonborn and has a threatening demeanour with a scar directly down his left eye. He wears a dark green cape with a hood, a lucky medallion around his neck and keeps gold and other trinkets in a small woven sack.



Killin is good-hearted and pursues quests for the persecuted and the innocent. He can be hot-headed and vengeful towards those who wrong him. Delusional and open about his religion, he is motivated by the belief that there is a hero bloodline within him. He is cunning in battle but easily distracted from his journey and wastes time goofing off.


Killin never knew his family and grew up in a small pack of dragonborn in Tymanther where he was encouraged to join the thieves guild at a young age, regularly committing crimes against the less fortunate. After feeling enlightened through studying religion, he felt compelled to execute the pack for their crimes and now uses his thief expertise to help others in exchange for services or goods. He has been travelling alone for a year since, spending nights at inns and days traversing across lands.


Killin is ambidextrous. he is also well experienced with blades and enjoys polishing them. Enjoys exploring nature to forage food or hunt down loot. Mild addiction to mushroom powder. Sometimes acts without thinking.


Two daggers on his belt and a short sword on his back. Often has a few doses of mushroom powder hidden somewhere.


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Killin Rasqull

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