Ortüga Thân-Ulaga

Short tempered, unpredictable, big fucking Goliath dude.


Name: Ortüga Thân-Ulaga
Race: Goliath
Class: Barbarian
Gender: Male
Age: 47 years old
Status: Alive



He is a massive, hulking creature, pale white with black markings all over his body. He is incredibly scarred from the countless fights he has been in over the years, but he is most ashamed of the large scar above his right eye he received when 8 years old. For a Goliath, he is on the shorter end of things, standing at 7ft2in tall, and weighing in at 290 pounds (imagine a larger Drax). He has one pale white eye, but his right is jet black, his teeth are yellowed and crooked.

Ortüga wears armour he has crafted himself from the hides of animals he has hunted. The last he was seen, he was wearing a bear belt over his head and shoulders. His armour is practical but minimal, being a creature of immense strength. For him, it’s about efficiency and comfort over flashiness.


Ortüga is the strong but very silent type, he looks out for himself and himself alone, he’s a lone warrior, never seeking praise, just doing what he has to in order to keep himself alive. He would always prefer to be on the side of good, but if carrying out an evil act would have got him some gold, he would have almost certainly done it. However, recent events changed him, to the point where it’s likely he would choose good over gold. He possesses no prejudices towards other races (except Giants), genders, or classes, he believes that if you’re helpful, you’re helpful, and if you’re not you’re useless (though he does have a particular fondness for Halflings). Although, given his recent self-imposed banishment from civilisation, there’s no real telling how he’ll act around new people.

As with other Goliaths, he worships the animal deity which watched over him before his tribe was wiped out, which was the Mouse. Although Ortüga has shunned many Goliath traditions and ways of life after the massacre of his tribe, he still stays true to his religion, attributing his smarts and ability to be surprisingly quiet for a Goliath to his Deity. He even keeps a pet mouse with him which was given to him by a young boy he helped in the city of Triel, which eventually became a the mouse’s name.

For many years Ortüga had been all about the gold and making sure he could look out for
number one. However, the incident with Ravaxina and his time in Wheloon may have
changed him. It is much more likely now that, should he ever team up with anyone and
venture out into civilisation once more, he would be on the side of good.

Ortüga is afraid of sailing but won’t admit it to anyone, as far as he’s concerned fear is for
the weak.


When he was 8 years old he belonged to a small but noble tribe of Goliaths. One day, while following a herd of moose around the base of the Nether Mountains, along with a few Gnomes they had befriended on their travels, they were ambushed by a group of Giants looking to make the Goliaths their slaves. Not wanting to end up in captivity, the Chief ordered them to fight for the freedom, and they did. In the ensuing chaos, Ortüga was knocked unconscious by a member of his tribe, but this accident may have potentially saved his life. He awoke sometime later to find his family and tribe had all fallen, he was hidden amongst the bloody remains of those he called family, which hid him from the sight of the giants who were busy skinning the Goliaths and cooking their flesh. While they were distracted he used this time to make his escape, staying as low down as possible and heading into the High Forest. He escaped with no issue, but now was alone in unfamiliar terrain. For 5 days he headed south, having no idea where he was going or what he was going to do, before eventually coming across a Halfling caravan purely by chance. Seeing the state Ortüga was in, they took him in, patched him up, fed him, and finally headed back West to Great Gathering.

Upon arrival in the Goliath city, Ortüga thanked his saviours and then they parted ways. For the next 4 years Ortüga lived on the streets of Great Gathering, stealing what he could and acting as a Thief-for-Hire on occasion. While on the streets he picked up High Gol-kaa and even a little Dwarven, on top of the Low Gol-kaa he spoke when with his tribe. Shortly after turning 12, he decided that the streets of Great Gathering had little left to offer him and so made his way a little further South, moving around from city to city in Elturgard for 6 months, before eventually settling down in Baldur’s Gate. While there, he picked up on some basic Common speak while working as a hunter for a local tradesman, selling the flesh and hides of whatever Ortüga killed. He enjoyed this lawful way of making his living for a good 5 years, but he eventually became known around the city for his impeccable marksmanship, brute force, and smarts. He got so well known that around the time he turned 17, certain nefarious individuals began to offer him work as a mercenary for hire. Initially he turned down this sort of work, wanting to keep this honest way of working, but the pay was far too tempting.

His new line of work took him all over Faerûn, and occasionally beyond into the neighbouring continent of Kara-Tur, doing anything from acting as a bodyguard for prominent individuals to assisting highwaymen in their robberies. He continued along with this line of work for another 15 years until one particular assignment had him do something he is less than proud of. A human merchant by the name of Marion Ty, with stalls in cities across the entire country, had hired an Elven assassin by the name of Ravaxina (who had in the past worked with Ortüga) to kill her largest competitor (Gaston Raynard), as well as the man’s children who would otherwise inherit the business. Ravaxina hired Ortüga for assistance, knowing how heavily guarded the Raynard family were. Reluctantly, he agreed to help after being promised 10,000 gold pieces for his cooperation. They hatched a plan to take out the family, but what Ortüga didn’t know is that the children were all under 14 years old. He would do what needed to be done, but never harm a child. Unfortunately, he only found out about the age of the children after Ravaxina slaughtered them while they slept. In a blind fit of rage and sorrow, he attacked Ravaxina and sought to kill her, but her agility and his anger meant she got one up on him, and knocked him unconscious.

Having fled the scene, the horrific crimes were pinned on Ortüga himself, something which was easily believable given his troublesome past which had seen him on the wrong side of the law one too many times. He went on to spend the next 6 years in the prison town of Wheloon. Those he was imprisoned with were less than savoury characters, but he befriended who he needed to in order to stay alive and out of trouble. Having gotten close to a female Half-Orc by the name of Roherook, when she and her clan staged a breakout he was permitted to join them. After the successful escape, Ortüga stayed with them for a short while, before eventually leaving to find Ravaxina and kill her. He told Roherook this, and she pleaded with him to stay with her as they had each developed strong feelings for one another. Even so, he still left to find Ravaxina even though she had not been seen or heard from since that night 6 years previously. Ortüga himself has since become a total loner, rarely venturing into towns or cities, instead staying alone in the wilderness. He has not been spotted in almost 4 years. Roherook thinks of him often, as he does her.


He’s an incredible drinker, in the days when he frequented towns and cities he
could often be found at the bottom of a tankard or bottle or cask of something strong.
Having been in the wilderness for much of his life he’s an incredible hunter who can be
reasonably quiet when need be, this also came in handy when he spent many years on
the streets stealing and pickpocketing to get by (before he was over 7ft tall, of course).
Though he is more adept at being a brutish, tank of an individual, who enjoys running in
screaming with his battle-axe held high when the occasion calls for it.


He chooses to wield a battle-axe, but also has two large daggers holstered on his belt (he primarily uses them for skinning animals, but will use them in a fight). He also possesses a bow, something he uses mainly for hunting but has been known to use it against assailants, although he does prefer the brutish style of the battle-axe. He does not like to use a shield, instead preferring to use his leather gauntlets as protection.

He will always use Dwarven weaponry when he can, his love and admiration for it is perhaps one of the few traits he shares with his Goliath brethren.

Given his brutish nature and incredible strength, his fists alone are formidable weapons that most would do well to avoid being on the wrong end of.


  • Ravaxina- Blood-Elf, Assassin, 98, Female, Neutral Evil (Last known whereabouts-Callidrr)
  • Roherook- Half-Orc, Rouge, 38, Female, Chaotic Neutral (Last known whereabouts-Wheloon)
  • Vikin Braveguard Veomolake, Goliath, Fighter, 52, Male, Chaotic Good (Last known whereabouts- Galena Mountains)
  • Kane Normen, Human, Ranger, 27, Male, Neutral Good (Last known whereabouts-Cormanthor Forest)
  • Arrin- Halfling, Bard, 57, Male, Chaotic Good (Last known whereabouts- Esmeltaran)

Ortüga Thân-Ulaga

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