Editing Style

This website uses a simple editing markup similar to Wikipedia and Wikia called Textile. HTML can also be used on pages here.

Editing Characters

If known, add the following tags to a character (capitalize); Surname, gender, race, class, permanent location, Deceased if deceased.

Character pages have two boxes to add information in. The description box should contain key information. Copy/paste the code below;


Use the following guide to fill in what you can;

Name: Full name of character. Commonly used nicknames can be added here.
Race: Race if known. For ¼ or ¾ races use this format; Elf (¾ elf technically).
Class: Class if known. For characters without a playable class, leave this blank.
Gender: Gender if known.
Age: Age if known. If birthdate is known add it in brackets with a link to Chronology.
Height: Height in inches (with height in cm in brackets).
Religion: Religion if known. Add an external link to the god’s page on the FR Wiki
Status: Alive/deceased and their permanent location if they have one.

The biography box should be split into a number of sections. Copy/paste the code below and add whatever you can to each section;

h3. Description

Add info here...

h3. Personality

Add info here...

h3. History

Add info here...

h3. Skills

Add info here...

h3. Possessions

Add info here...

h3. Relationships

Add info here...

h3. Party notes/speculation

* Add any notes/speculation below. Add each idea with a new bullet point and perhaps leave your initials. – TL

Editing Wiki Pages

Every wiki page should fit into the four categories on the Main Page. When you create a wiki page be sure to add its category in the tags section.

Once the page is created, add it to the list on the [[Main Page]

Editing Style

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